Publication on the Bulgarian Rhodope dialects

di Davide Fanciullo
Publication on the Bulgarian Rhodope dialects

Book (and part of the linguistic corpus) of my research carried out for 4 years during my PhD at the University of Macerata. I have visited many villages in Bulgaria, in the Rhodopes region, in order to collect and analyze data from native speakers.


My project

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  • Since my first steps as a student I became passionate about Bulgarian language, and I decided to move to study, to work and to live in Sofia. I received a lot from this country and now I can, in a small way, leave a trace of my linguistic and cultural passion.
  • I finished my Phd some time ago, and now it is time to gather the results of these efforts in a scientific publication, so that researchers, other students or people interested in the subject can benefit from my work.
  • With your contribution you can help the publication of this book and the creation of an online text corpus of the Rhodope dialects.

What I need and what you receive

  • The collected funds will cover the editing, printing and publishing costs and will be allocated to a prestigious European publishing house, which has shown interest in publishing my work.
  • For the most generous contributors there are unique perks!
  • The publication will take place even if the funding target will not be achieved, through my own financial contribution.

Note: this is a scientific publication. Beyond the fact whether you are going to read my work or not, your contribution is essential to achieve the goal.

Risks and challenges

  • The final publication could take several months, due to the review process, but it will be possibly published by the end of 2018.

Other ways you can help

  • Share my campaign and my project in your social media network!


Realizzazione del progetto

This research on the Bulgarian Rhodope dialect aims to bring new material (first-hand data of spontaneous dialogues) which will be useful for the description of the dialect itself and its state of evolution, but in particular to support the general linguistic theories devoted to the phenomenon of temporal expression in nominals. Moreover, the way in which the research was conducted, the parameters taken into account, the analysis and classification of the results can be a replicable model of research.

The collected funds will cover the printing and publishing costs and will be allocated to a prestigious European publishing house, which has shown interest in publishing my work. Part of the funds will eventually be used to send the special rewards to contributors.

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For linguists: 

This work presents the analysis of the spatio-temporal deictics in the Rhodope dialect (Slavic) spoken in the territory of Bulgaria, namely the use of the three definite forms -s, -t and -n with nominals. I explore the domain of temporal value in the nominal structure in other languages (mostly non Indo-European), in order to better understand the relation between speaker, addressee, temporal interpretation and its consequences on morphosyntactic constructions. The specific research question is the identification of temporal functions and semantic values of tripartite deictics in discourse and narrative contexts in the Rhodope dialect. Therefore the three morphemes are described according to their temporal values. The analysis demonstrates that the choice of the form is mainly based on cognitive and contextual factors, due to the polysemy of the morphemes and the general correspondence between form and meaning. Data are supported by qualitative and quantitative analysis. The aim of this research is to contribute to the theory building process of the temporal expression in nominals, which may be useful in typological perspective. It includes first-hand data and extract from dialectological corpora.

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