Isaiah Emmanuel Sunganimoyo


My name is Isaiah Emmanuel Sunganimoyo from Malawi. I am 41 years old and married with three children.

I was raised in a poor family and I lost my father when I was 9, hence my education was sponsored by people of Italy. After postsecondary education I did little formal education in computers, moral philosophy, theology and Religious Studies.

In July 2015 I founded an association known as "the Sunganimoyo Orphans Relief Trust - SORT" which it's goal is to make sure that no orphaned child is abandoned to grow up disillusioned and disadvantaged because of their loss but to be given a chance to live a meaningful life.

Dedza West is not progressing in development, and that the problem is caused by unvisionary Members of Parliament and Councillors who were elected in previous elections. This prompted and forced me to decide of joining politics in order to liberate the people of Dedza West from selfish and greed politicians. And I believed that I can serve them well when I become their representative in Parliament, hence I am campaigning as an Independent Candidate.

After winning the elections on 21st May 2019, I want to become one of the best Members of Parliament in the world. I will be their servant and not their boss. That’s why people love and want me.

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